Success Stories

We receive feedback constantly from mothers and refuge workers about the benefit of our work and how it impacts the children*


Learn more about why we are so committed to making kids happy!

*Names and pictures are changed to protect identities

“This was my first trip to the beach ever, it was great spending time relaxed with my Mum”

Child aged 10

“This Beach Trip was so good for both me and the kids – I would love to be able to do more stuff like this it helps me forget my worries and lets me feel closer to them. They smile at me and I feel like we will be okay” 

Parent using a fun day grant

“These vouchers make such a difference to the families in the holidays . Allows the families to have extra treats for the children that normally they can’t buy” 

Refuge worker re. Food Vouchers

“it’s been the best day. I have never seen a tv that big” 

Child on trip to the Theatre

“I loved feeding and stroking all of the animals. I was so proud of myself when I took part in the treetop adventure!”

Child on a trip to Mead Open Farm

“Family had a wonderful time, all of them have never experienced theatre before, this is a positive experience that they all said that they will never forget”

Refuge worker

“I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But it was better than I could have imagined. This is the first time I have been to the theatre and it was amazing, I would love to go again.”

Child, trip to the theatre

“Fab day- loads of smiles all around. The activities were perfect for older children (10 years) which really impressed me- as they are often missed out on!”

Child, trip to Mead Open Farm

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By buying a disadvantaged child an experience, they can make happy memories that last forever.