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Ana’s Story

We arrived on the 13th of November 2015, fleeing from Costa Rica on recommendation by the prosecution court due to the high risk of domestic violence in which my children and myself were subjected to.

On arrival at this country we didn’t have a place to live or sleep, so I had to appeal to Social Services in Chelsea for support and protection since we had been rejected help in other places prior going to Social Services, who were very supportive.

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20,000+ kids

I have two children, one is 11 and the other one is 16 years of age. This has been a dramatic changed for them as they had to leave behind their friends, school, family, their house and everything else. What is even worse is that all this has been provoked by their father.

When we were finally rehoused the children were both surprised by the toy boxes, especially my little one as due to the way in which we had to leave Costa Rica he couldn’t bring much. It was a lovely surprise for him and for us too.

The toys and games were very helpful and brought joy to both my kids. The activities can give them some sort of distraction. It helps occupy their minds on something else, something productive, and keep their minds away, at least for a short period of time, from the sad reality they are living in.

I am very grateful for all the help and support KidsOut has given to my children and myself. This support has been like a ladder for them that little by little has enabled them to integrate into society once more. All I care about is to see my children happy, in peace and secure. Thank you very much.

*Note: Names and pictures are changed to protect identities.

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By buying a disadvantaged child toy box, they can make happy memories that last forever.