Toy Boxes

Started in 2008, the KidsOut Toy Box service delivers a box of brand new toys and games to children who have been rehoused due to domestic abuse

Last year…


We gave out 11,203 toy boxes (with 112,030 toys inside)

+ 115,964 more toys for disadvantaged children

Each year over 20,000 children flee domestic abuse to seek sanctuary in refuge or a safehouse. Typically leaving home with only the clothes on their back, these children have either witnessed or experienced physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse and arrive at refuge with nothing. Having escaped the abuse for the safety of a refuge for 6-12 months or more!

Moving into a new community can be particularly tough for children, especially when they have already left their school, friends and possessions behind. With the mothers’ attention and resources typically focused on acquiring basic necessities, purchasing toys are often way down the list due to financial pressure. To ease the anxiety of moving in to the refuge, KidsOut sends each child their very own box of toys, welcoming them to their new lives.

“Toy boxes allow children to forget worries of their past and focus on new beginnings with their new toys. Mothers and children have to flee their homes with nothing but their clothes on their backs, so giving toys really makes a big difference to their wellbeing and happiness.”

Refuge worker

Each Toy Box contains 10 brand new toys that are both age and gender appropriate, filled with a family game, jigsaw puzzle, craft activity, educational game, action figure/doll, books, outdoor play and a cuddly toy. Receiving the Toy Box can help children regain a sense of normality, make the world seem a little kinder, and give them a reason to invite other children over to play.

A board game to allow the child to play with their mother and siblings. Playing board games encourages positive interaction among family members and other children in the refuge. It fosters a sense of togetherness allowing everyone to engage in a shared activity and create positive memories

Each toy box includes a book for the mother to read to younger children and for older ages Books can serve as an emotional outlet. They may find characters in books with whom they can identify and relate to, and this can help them express and process their own feelings.

A craft set allowing them to express their creativity. Craft sets have been proven to help children learn to regulate their emotions and reduce anxiety and stress.

A jigsaw to improve Cognitive development. Completing a jigsaw puzzle requires problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and the ability to concentrate. This can be particularly useful in rebuilding a sense of self-esteem and competence after escaping abuse.

“Loved playing my new game with mommy. I cuddled my teddy bear, his name his babs”

Child received a toy box

“I can’t thank you enough for the toys, I was so upset as my children didn’t have anything and now they do I am happy”

Parent, received a toy box

“”Is that box just for me, never had so many toys at one time, except Christmas”

Child receiving a toy box

“Wow these presents are awesome! Thank you for my toys, they made me so happy”

Child who received a Toy Box

If you are a refuge and would like to apply for Toy Boxes on behalf of the families please click this button and register to take part.

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Buying a disadvantaged child a toy box helps children regain a sense of normality and helps make happy memories that last forever