Fun Days

Fun Days takes disadvantaged children across the UK on a fun day out and helps them remember what it is like to just be children

Last year we took…


37,600 Children
out on a Fun Day

There is no such thing as an average Fun Day, they can be as simple as a trip to the cinema, a theme park or the circus, or a wellbeing workshop where the children learn a new skill. These Fun Days out all help children build self-confidence, improve socialisation, bond with their family and just have fun.

Fun Days not only gives them a happy memory they can look back on but also something to look forward to.

Since the start of the project, hundreds of thousands of children have gone on a Fun Day. While KidsOut supports children from a range of backgrounds, including those living with critical health issues, in economic hardship or with a disability, some of our most vulnerable beneficiaries are children that have fled domestic abuse for the safety of a refuge or a safehouse.

“We had a great time at the cinema and had treats of pop and popcorn, it was the best day ever”

Child aged 10 in refuge

“I had never been bowling before and I was really good at it and knocked down more than Mum. I had fun”

Child in refuge

“It was the best day of my life, I want to go back”

Child in refuge

“This opportunity opened doors to Victims of Domestic abuse who never had an experience of a cinema. I see the changes in their faces and a burst of energy”

Refuge worker

How can you help?

By buying a disadvantaged child a fun day out, they can make happy memories that last forever.

Can we help support you?

Do you work with disadvantaged children or do you know a group who might benefit from this service?

To hear more about events in your area email us directly at [email protected] or call 01525 385252.