Food Vouchers

We supply food vouchers for mothers with children living in refuges helping them create an environment of normality for their children

Last year we gave out…


5,593 food vouchers
to families living in Refuge

Food vouchers are a form of assistance designed to ensure families living in refuge have access to essential nutrition during school holidays when children aren’t receiving free school meals. They serve as a lifeline for those facing financial hardship, offering a means to purchase fresh produce, other dietary necessities and even a small treat. Food vouchers contribute to promoting food security, dignity, and wellbeing within communities.

“Ive never been able to choose what I wanted from the supermarket, my mum let me do this as she had a vouchers for the items. It was such a treat”

Child in refuge

“I don’t know what to say about the kindness we have been shown here, thank you it makes such a difference”

A Mum

“It was a nice day when my mum picked me up from school and said that we were going to the shop and I could choose something for myself, so I picked sweets and my favourite jelly.”

Child in refuge

How can you help?

Buying a disadvantaged family a food voucher gives them the opportunity to by treats they couldn’t otherwise afford.