Social Responsibility Partnerships

Supporting KidsOut by building connections with your company

Aligning your brand to the values of KidsOut can help your customers and employees build stronger trust and emotional connection with your company and its brand.

The companies and organisation who support us often report on how fundraising initiatives had a positive impact on teamwork and morale, that it created new opportunities to communicate with customers, how it enabled them to host their own events for networking with customers, and how it provided opportunities to post about their good work across social media and marketing platforms.

You will be supporting vulnerable children in your area

While it is common for businesses to support a charity and there are many good causes to choose from, KidsOut is the only national children’s charity focused directly on the needs of some of the UK’s most vulnerable children who have fled domestic, physical, and sexual abuse, and are living in refuge.

We support hundreds of refuges all over the UK and your help will bring important positive experiences and happiness back into the lives of children locally to you as well as nationally.

Low risk

At KidsOut we are committed to our cause of making children happy and as a result maintain a stance that is apolitical, uncontroversial and universally supported by the UK public.

We’ll promote you

We love to promote our corporate partners and share the great work they do on our website and across our social media platforms on Facebook, X (formally Twitter), LinkedIn and Instagram.

Every year we give out…



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Our Corporate Partners