Our Ambassadors

KidsOut Ambassadors help to make a real difference to disadvantaged children through their commitment and contribution of skills. These high flyers promote the charity through their diverse networks, and their passion helps us get the message out and continue to grow

Lifetime Ambassadors

Nick M Child

Lifetime Ambassador

About Nick

Nick is a Managing Director at Secretariat who are headquartered in Atlanta and have offices across Birmingham, Boston, Brisbane, Bristol, Denver, Dubai, Hong Kong, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Mexico, New York, Paris, Philadelphia, Singapore, Toronto and Washington D.C. Secretariat’s professionals specialise in international arbitration, general commercial arbitration & litigation, forensic accounting, economic damages, construction and government contracting. Prior to this, he was the Senior Clerk at Keating Chambers in London, a world leading barristers chambers specialising in construction, engineering, energy, shipbuilding and procurement disputes across the globe.

Nick’s connection to KidsOut is through his late father Graham Child and the late Peter Jarvis OBE, who were the founders of KidsOut.

Nick is also the founder of Law Rocks! (www.lawrocks.org), a global charity with events held in London, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Vienna, Dubai, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Washington DC and San Francisco which raises funds for various charities by way of a Battle of the Bands among law firms at world famous rock venues, and has raised over $6.5m for charities since its conception in 2009.

He is also a founder and trustee of The Jane Lemon Foundation, is a charitable trust set up in memory of Jane Lemon QC who was a much loved and enormously successful member of Keating Chambers from 1994 to 2019. Jane died suddenly and tragically in April 2019. The Jane Lemon Foundation seeks to further those causes which were close to Jane’s heart, including legal education, support for young people and research into allergies.

Nick lives in Hampshire and has 5 children and as a result has no spare time. But he does attempt to play golf.

“I was introduced to KidsOut when I too was a child, by my late father who was one of the two founders. I am now a father of five children who all enjoy a healthy and safe upbringing and environment, and I struggle with the fact that there are still so many children who do not enjoy such things. Being a part of KidsOut ensures I can have a positive effect on redressing the balance.”

Stephanie Alexander

Lifetime Ambassador

About Stephanie

Stephanie joined Norman Broadbent in March 2003 having spent 18 years with the NatWest/Royal Bank of Scotland Group. She undertook a variety of roles there and her experience and training has stood her in good stead with her current role as Office and HR Manager for Norman Broadbent and her responsibilities on the KidsOut Toy Box Ball Committee.

She initially became involved in KidsOut by accident in 2009 and since then has been an active supporter of the charity. Following her appointment as an Ambassador, she joined over 2,500 kids one year at the Rotary KidsOut National Day Out to Thorpe Park, where she was deeply touched by how much of an impact the day had on the kids who attended.

“Having experienced a fun day out, packed toy boxes and visited a refuge, it would be incredibly difficult not to support the great work that KidsOut does for both the kids and their mums. In my opinion, there isn’t a more worthwhile cause to devote my time to.”

Natasha Willicombe

Lifetime Ambassador

About Natasha

Natasha is a Managing Director at Secretariat who are headquartered in Atlanta and have offices across Birmingham, Boston, Brisbane, Bristol, Denver, Dubai, Hong Kong, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Mexico, New York, Paris, Philadelphia, Singapore, Toronto and Washington D.C. Secretariat’s professionals specialise in international arbitration, general commercial arbitration & litigation, forensic accounting, economic damages, construction and government contracting.

Prior to this Natasha held senior positions within the Clerking teams at both Essex Court Chambers, and Atkin Chambers in London. Natasha was made a Lifetime Ambassador in 2021 in recognition of her work with the charity over previous years. In addition to her role as a UK Ambassador, Natasha is a key member of the London Question Of Sport fundraising committee.

Neil Smith

Lifetime Ambassador

About Neil

Neil lives in the East Midlands. He has worked in the information and technology industry for over 30 years and is now a director of, investor in and advisor to a number of companies.

In addition to his role as a UK Ambassador, Neil is on the London Question Of Sport fundraising committee and is passionate about improving the lives and outlook of children who are born into disadvantaged circumstances.

Neil initially became involved in KidsOut when his company took a table at the London Question of Sport event. He was sufficiently impressed by the charity and its aims to join the fundraising committee for the event and subsequently took the role of Chairman.

Neil is married with two young children and in his spare time he is an enthusiastic amateur racing driver and pilot.

Pamela Hodgson

Lifetime Ambassador

Andrew Griffin

Lifetime Ambassador

Rotary Ambassadors

George Campbell OBE

Rotary Ambassador

Bill Elliot

Rotary Ambassador

Brian Reilly

Rotary Ambassador

About Brian

I have worked in the Manufacturing Industry based around the West Midlands for 44 years and have now retired. Whilst working, I was involved in many school work place experience programmes, as well as being a Queen’s Scout and Scout Leader for a number of years.

I am a Chartered Engineer holding a BSc Honors Degree from the University of Aston, Birmingham. I have also supported the Mechanical Institutes Schools involvement programme. I am currently the District Secretary for District 1210 parts of the West Midlands, Shropshire and Staffordshire, having served as Club President and Club Secretary.

“I believe in providing our young people with openings to develop and succeed in their chosen fields and supporting KidsOut is an ideal opportunity to offer that special chance to many deserving individuals.”

On a personal level I have been married to Carol for 12 years and together we hope we make a difference to those we meet.

Bob Dodds

Rotary Ambassador

About Bob

Educated at the University of South Glamorgan and Cardiff University, Bob is a retired Civil Servant who worked in Business Statistics. He was a founding member of Pontllanfraith Rotary Club, serving as its President in 1988/1989 and 2010/2011, as well as District 1150 Governor in 1996/1997. Bob received a Rotary International President’s Citation in 1997. Bob is currently a member of the KidsOut Committee for East Wales and in 2018 became District Ambassador for KidsOut.

Bob is married to Denise and has one daughter, two granddaughters, and one great grandson.

Pauline Crow

Rotary Ambassador

Glyn Rees

Rotary Ambassador

Andy Hunter

Rotary Ambassador

Michael Longdon

Rotary Ambassador

David Hartley

Rotary Ambassador


Lisa Carmel

KidsOut Ambassador

About Lisa

Lisa has worked in the media throughout her career and has considerable experience across the industry in several senior management positions.

She joined the Daily Mail’s regional publishing company in the 90’s and developed their relationships with Local and Central Government, political parties, local authorities, and national and regional news publishers. She was promoted to Group Sales Director for The Mail’s/Associated Newspaper print operations in 2006.

Lisa is now a media and PR consultant to many organisations, celebrities, and well-known personalities. Her client base is diverse and has included amongst others, authors, sport stars, charities, music legends, fashionistas, and artists. She also provides media and marketing support for KidsOut.

She is a Trustee for the national children’s charity, Bear Force, who deliver wellbeing services to primary school aged children, and is currently working with Gold Medal Olympian, Fatima Whitbread MBE, to highlight the need for all children who have experienced domestic abuse, including emotional, violent, and sexual abuse, to have automatic and immediate access to mental health and wellbeing support. She initiated the joining together of KidsOut and Bear Force in order to develop the National Teddy Bears’ Picnic, encouraging people to help disadvantaged children who often don’t get the chance to enjoy fun days out, by donating to KidsOut’s fun day experiences.

Lisa lives in West Sussex along with her pack of several rescue and foster dogs and helps rehabilitate those that have been abused so that they can be rehomed. She supports The Dogs Trust Freedom Project who helps women fleeing domestic abuse by fostering their dogs until they can care for them again themselves in a safe environment.

Michael Doerr

KidsOut Ambassador

About Michael

Michael Doerr, Oeno Group’s founder and CEO, has been passionate about luxury assets from a very early age, starting his first business buying and selling high-performance sports horses at just 14 years of age. This experience gave Michael the best start in learning how to manage and make profits from high-end assets. Michael went on to found and manage three luxury asset investment companies, taking Oeno from a money-losing start-up to a multi- award-winning whisky and wine group based in 6 countries cross the globe.

Robert Johnston

KidsOut Ambassador

About Robert

I currently work as an IWG Regus Community Manager at Oxford House, Newbury. I’ve lived in nearby Hungerford for over 30 years with my wife Charlotte where we have been lucky enough to bring up our two children and are now grandparents.

Christmas 2021 saw Oxford House being one of 112 IWG centres in the UK that supported the giving tree campaign. My centre also acted as a collection point for our cluster of nearby centres and eventually I had a meeting room full of toys donated by our generous clients. The generosity and feedback from our clients were overwhelming but nothing compared with meeting Gordon Moulds in person and hearing the awesome work that KidsOut carry out throughout the year.

As a parent and grandparent, I cannot imagine the hardship these children and families go through and wholeheartedly support KidsOut in everything they do.

Lisa Gamble

KidsOut Ambassador

About Lisa

Lisa Gamble, PA to the Managing Director at Barratt & David Wilson Yorkshire West Division, and divisional HR Co-Ordinator, started with the company in December 2005 covering 6 months maternity leave and still there 15 years later. Barratt & David Wilson Homes are the major housebuilder in the UK and industry leaders with 10 years continuous 5 star HBF customer recommendation.

Association with KidsOut began with the creation of the Leeds Committee in 2011 when the event was introduced in the area and hosted their first Question of Sport Event at Elland Road, grounds of Leeds United Football Club.

Lisa lives in Leeds and is married with one daughter.

Penny Illston

KidsOut Ambassador

About Penny

Penny’s long and happy career as a global HR and People leader spanned travel, retail, professional services and technology. Having spent time as a senior HR player for some famous household brands, including BA, Kingfisher, TK Maxx and P&O Cruises, and smaller entrepreneurial businesses she recognises how fortunate she has been with her career.

She now has her own consulting and executive coaching organisation, working with individuals, teams and organisations, keeping her enduring passion for the ways in which the human spirit and intent can bring about positive change.

“All that I have achieved and enjoyed in life has come from the people I grew up with and from making the most of the chances which have come my way. Through my association with Kidsout, I hope to ensure that children I haven’t yet met, and maybe never will, will have the opportunity to experience joy and light in what might otherwise be pretty grey.

Increasingly, I see the importance of a life with joy and hope which is available to all children, regardless of their start.

KidsOut brings such positivity to the world through their work with children and families nationwide; it is an organisation with which I am truly proud to be associated.”

William Martin

KidsOut Ambassador

About William

William is Managing Director of International Gateways and Global trade services at FedEx Express, responsible for International Operations and ensuring that FedEx consistently delivers outstanding levels of service for its customers.

William was promoted to Managing Director in 2007, having first joined the company in 1988, amassing an impressive 20 years managerial experience in the sector.

For the last seven years William’s main aim continues to be motivating his team to seek excellence in leadership, ensuring quality principles and improving business results.

A keen supporter of charitable initiatives, William regularly makes time to work with a number of not-for-profit organisations. William firmly believes that a CSR strategy has to be actively pioneered and championed from the top, as well as by team members throughout all levels of an organisation in order to succeed.

Key achievements include winning the Five Star Award; one of the highest awards for individual accomplishment at FedEx Express.

Christine Razey

KidsOut Ambassador

About Christine

I feel very honoured to be asked to be an Ambassador for KidsOut Charity.

My name is Christine and I am currently a Team Leader and Community Manager for IWG PLC which is the leading global flexible workspace provider. In my role I currently support several of our business centres within Gloucester, Wiltshire and Reading.

Up till 2018, in my spare time I ran a voluntary children’s group for 18 years – a marching show band which, I might add, became the bronze European champion – all self-funded. When I started the group, I wanted all children to have the opportunity to take part in learning new skills from learning to play a musical instrument to drill, or simply being part of a team. This time opened up my eyes to the struggles that some children and families face in our world, from poverty to abuse. It was the most rewarding job I had ever done in my life. Due to family commitments, sadly I had to give up running the group.

Despite this, I still had a strong itch to help the children of our world, so in 2018, I got involved with the KidsOut Giving Tree project via IWG. I encouraged all of our clients in Swindon to take part in the giving tree and this touched many of our clients’ and staff’s hearts. In 2021, I thought I would take it a little step further and get more of my colleagues involved with the support of my senior managers. The southern region consists of 123 business centres with thousands of businesses as customers. IWG have supported me all the way through this and it has been a great success.

We’re going even bigger this year and have the whole IWG UK team (encompassing over 330 centres across brands including Regus, Spaces, Signature and Basepoint to name a few) and our clients taking part. A big thank you to IWG and our clients for supporting us on this journey and helping us to make a difference to children’s lives.

Gordon and Stewart’s dedication to the Charity is amazing. As a parent and grandparent, I cannot imagine the hardship these children and families go through and wholeheartedly support KidsOut in everything they do.

Sue Gowling

KidsOut Ambassador

About Sue

Sue Gowling has run tech companies since the mid-1990s and has been involved in helping children abroad over many years through Children in Crisis and Khen Cambodia. When the pandemic struck, it was apparent that there was an urgent need for devices for remote learning for children in need here in the UK. With tech in hand collected from business as part of on-site work, she realised that she was in a position to help, and so began what is now www.SustainableTech4Good.co.uk

From early beginnings working to get devices out to schools, she became increasingly aware of the problem of digital exclusion across all walks of life in the UK. Sustainable Tech 4 Good now works with businesses to handle their surplus tech, offering solutions that are sustainable and fully data-secure, while promoting social good through extending digital inclusion to people in need.

From her first contact with KidsOut, Sue was struck by the fantastic work they do support children who find themselves in very difficult and traumatic circumstances, through no fault of their own. With a cause that is close to her heart, she has now worked with KidsOut for a few years, helping synergise their existing business connections to provide sustainable refurbished devices for donation to the children they support – enabling learning and improving life-chances. She is delighted to be an ambassador for the charity, and looks forward to scaling up Sustainable Tech 4 Good’s partnership with KidsOut to make sure as many children as possible receive the support they deserve.

Mimi Novic

KidsOut Ambassador

About Mimi

Mimi Novic is an inspirational author, motivational speaker and self-awareness teacher whose life affirming quotations have been used around the world including by the Former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

Mimi’s positive thinking and effervescent style has captured a wide audience from all backgrounds, and her self-awareness techniques inspire people across the world. Her writings and quotes are considered some of the most popular in modern times. Mimi has also helped inspire children with positivity workshops.

Her guided meditations and music came to life through the many requests of clients, patients and other therapists, who expressed a need to have guided audio meditations and also music only works, that they could use for their clients and also individually for themselves. Her mesmerising music is used worldwide in retreats, spas, by health practitioners, therapists, as well as being licensed for background music for various projects.

Mimi, who has supported The Prince’s Trust for many years, donating funds from many of her projects to the Trust, is now also supporting KidsOut and is utilising her skills to help disadvantaged children.

Caroline Jepson

KidsOut Ambassador

About Caroline

Caroline is a transformational non-executive Director, with a previous 17 year career as a litigation lawyer at top UK law firms. She has been a board member of CILEX (Chartered Institute of Legal Executives) for a number of years, and proudly lead the organisation as President during 2021/2022. Caroline has been at the heart of a number of strategic objectives during her time at CILEX, representing the needs of the 20,000 CILEX members.

Much of Caroline’s career has also been spent working for and championing the needs of vulnerable adults and children following life-changing injuries and she has a strong desire to support disadvantaged children and their families. Her association with KidsOut began after learning of the charity and its objectives through contacts and immediately feeling drawn to support the charity further.

She also has deep-rooted enthusiasm for health, fitness and sport and is a share-holder and Director in a chain of gyms in Sheffield. She is a qualified personal trainer herself and actively participates in a variety of sport and gym based exercise.

Caroline lives in Sheffield with her husband and their daughter.

Glen O’Nion

KidsOut Ambassador

About Glen

“Since becoming a father I reflected on my own childhood and what I want for my children. I soon realised that I wanted to put something back into the community and help families and children less fortunate. It didn’t take me long to find KidsOut. I am totally in tune with their values and beliefs, and feel honoured to be part of the charity.

“We have set up a successful committee in Southampton, but would be keen to hear from people that would like to set up in Hampshire and surrounding area.”

Janet Rubin MBE

KidsOut Ambassador

About Janet

“I support KidsOut because it does great work for the children who need as much help as we can give them.”

Susie Robbins

KidsOut Ambassador

About Susie

Susie Robbins is a play advocate and founder of Resolve to Play. Susie believes in the power of play to help children communicate, learn and to make sense of the world around them.

With a background in education and inclusion Susie is passionate about making play accessible to all families and lives by the ethos that ‘play is enough’.

Karl Smith

KidsOut Ambassador

About Karl

I have to admit, whilst I am a fairly regular fundraiser, my relationship with KidsOut is a pretty new one. I only became aware of the charity through a speech provided by Gordon Moulds (CEO) on my weekly Covid-19 colleague call at work. I work for Direct Line Group, and have done for 20+ years.

Gordon came on to thank us for donations we’d provided to help the families in each of the 319 UK refuges. Some of the stories he shared, and the emotional way in which he did it, really struck a chord for me. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was moved to tears. As a father myself, hearing these stories really reminds me how lucky we are, and that there is always hope.

As a result of this, I started to research the charity. I was blown away with the values, work, achievements and overall fantastic support they provide. So much so, I wrote to them asking if I could help. After some careful thought, and a chat with Kathy Capper, I decided to start by running 26.2 Marathons to raise money for the team. Although I’m a keen runner, this represents easily my biggest challenge yet, but I know deep down I can do it.

As an ambassador for the charity, I hope to become a lifelong member of this wonderful team. And do my bit to help the unbelievable work they do in putting a smile on the faces of families and children at their most vulnerable. It is a great honour to be asked, and yes, I cried at that too.

Mark Hardy

KidsOut Ambassador

About Mark

Mark Hardy is a Solicitor who has worked in the pharmaceutical sector for over 30 years. Since stepping down from full time employment to become a consultant Mark has devoted a large amount of his time to work in the voluntary sector.

This includes being Vice Chairman and a Trustee of the British Safety Council, a Liveryman and Past Master of the Worshipful Company of World Traders, a Governor of a number of Schools, President of Leighton Buzzard Rugby Club as well as supporting Kids Out.

Emma Law

KidsOut Ambassador

About Emma

Emma is an executive search consultant working for a leading global talent advisory firm. With 25 years of experience in the recruitment industry, she has specialised in recruiting senior leaders across the public, private, and third sectors. Originally from the picturesque landscapes of South Wales, Emma has made London her home, where she resides with her grown-up sons. Her introduction to the work of KidsOut came through Chair Helen Pitcher OBE.

Emma is driven by a profound sense of empathy and a desire to effect positive change. Having volunteered for a domestic abuse charity for many years, she has a deep-seated passion for fostering a world where every individual can thrive free from the shadows of violence and fear. As an ambassador for KidsOut, she is deeply committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by domestic abuse. Her journey toward advocacy and support stems from a personal passion ignited by witnessing the resilience and courage of survivors.

Derren Powell

KidsOut Ambassador

About Derren

First and foremost a devoted dad, partner and family man.

KidsOut is a charity particularly close to Derren’s heart and he’s a keen advocate of spreading the KidsOut ethos and mantra – “fun and happiness”. Derren is particularly passionate of providing fair and equal opportunities particularly in the young, given their early experiences are formative and form the backbone of their futures – “we can all make a difference to society”.

Having worked in financial services for over 20 years, since 2016 Derren has shifted his focus to the financial technologies vertical.

Michelle Emmerson

KidsOut Ambassador

About Michelle

Michelle Emmerson is the Managing Director of Blue Monday a People Consultancy based in London, providing strategic HR support to CEO’s, Chairman and business leaders. As a former CEO of Walpole British Luxury and Global HR Director at ASOS, BBC Worldwide and EMI Music, Michelle has supported KidsOut for many years and is passionate about ensuring children have fun and happiness as they grow and develop.

John Harkness

KidsOut Ambassador

Manon Courtney

KidsOut Ambassador

About Manon

Manon Courtney was born and raised in Hove, East Sussex. In her earlier years she was employed by Merlin Entertainment as commercial manager at the Brighton Sea Life Centre before leaving to focus full time as a director National Icons (UK) Ltd the trademark owners and operators of the Walk of Fame cultural exhibitions in the UK the first of which was established in Brighton in 2002 followed by Manchester and Bristol.

In her directorial role Manon is responsible for nominee research, induction event management and artist liaison.

Manon and her husband David Courtney were first made aware of the Kids Out Charity through fellow ambassador Lisa Carmel and were extremely impressed with the charities work to secure the safety and needs of the innocent vulnerable children in their care and in recognition have designated Kids Out to as the official charity of the Walk of Fame in the UK

Jo Sweetland

KidsOut Ambassador

About Jo

Jo is a member of the Board at Green Park Interim & Executive Ltd (a global talent advisory firm with a focus on building diverse senior leadership teams and more equitable workplace cultures) and leads Green Park’s Executive Search Business.

With 25 years of experience in resourcing and executive search, Jo has lived and worked in both the UK and Australia. Outside of work, I am married with two daughters and when I have a moment to spare, I enjoy travelling, horse riding and taking my 2 dogs on long walks in the country.

“My first interaction with KidsOut was when Helen Pitcher invited me to the annual ball a year ago where I was so moved by the stories of bravery and the incredible work KidsOut do to bring a smile and happiness to disadvantaged children. When I was asked to be an Ambassador for KidsOut I jumped at the chance. Through the work we do at Green Park in building a fairer and more equitable world of work for children of the future, I felt KidsOut stood out as a charity focused on providing similar positive experiences for children now and in their lives ahead.”

Mark Baker

KidsOut Ambassador

About Mark

“I’m the Founder/Director of Claremont Consulting (a global talent solutions business) which I set up in 2002 and I also run a consulting advisory firm for SMEs and Tech Start-ups

I have worked as a volunteer on a number of initiatives including being a Pioneer/Founder of Opera which was a charity set up by the global Staffing industry movement in partnership with the Princes Trust to empower young people to find, gain and keep a job.

I have also worked as an Enterprise Adviser as part of Team London which was part of the Mayor of London’s volunteering programme responsible for delivering the Enterprise Adviser programme on behalf of the Careers and Enterprise Company.

Since it’s official launch in 2013, Team London has mobilised 120,000 volunteers, supported 1,600 charities and worked with 1,500 schools to encourage young people across the capital to build their skills. The Enterprise Adviser programme enables Team London to build on their youth employment work by offering a process that connects education and business.

As a volunteer, I have worked as an adviser a school’s nominated Careers Adviser to develop a comprehensive strategy and plan for a careers education which enables all students to engage in opportunities that will develop their understanding of the skills required for the world of work.

I am married with 3 grown up children and 5 grandchildren who I love to spend time with, and outside of work I love travelling abroad, walking in the countryside and I’m passionate about football, still playing albeit it’s walking football now and I volunteer at my local non-league club on their commercial team as they look to progress the club forward.

I feel incredibly privileged to work as an Ambassador with KidsOut and support them in the amazing work they do to help disadvantaged children and bring some happiness into their lives and give them opportunities and positive experiences that they might not have been able to do without the work done by the KidsOut team.”

Richard Pickering

KidsOut Ambassador

About Richard

Richard is a retired Marketeer who worked in various well known Food production companies for the last 25 years. He is President Elect 23/24 for Luton North Rotary Club .

Richard Volunteers in the Luton Warehouse at least 3 days week to help make the toy boxes and also helps out at the various Question of Sport events across the country

Richard is married to Julie and has two daughters.

Stephen Glancey

KidsOut Ambassador

Anisa Missaghi

KidsOut Ambassador

Keri Gilder

KidsOut Ambassador

Mairiona Mcinally-Kier

KidsOut Ambassador

Young Ambassadors

Jake Winkett

KidsOut Ambassador

About Jake

Jake joined the KidsOut Youth Ambassador team in 2021 after showing amazing initiative from our Giving Tree 2020. Jake is continuing to help KidsOut with various fundraising activities in his local area.

“I chose to help kids out after hearing about all the children who possibly wouldn’t get any presents. And decided I wanted to get involved and buy as many presents as I could. I will also continue to support the charity by fundraising including a sponsored walk.”

We are so thrilled to welcome Jake to the KidsOut team.

Daniel (Shrimpy) MacDiarmid

KidsOut Ambassador

About Daniel

Hi, I am Daniel MacDiarmid, and I am 16 years old, and I have been fundraising now since I was 7 years. Over the years I have raised tens of thousands of pounds for children less fortunate than myself. I have won many awards for my charity work and have also been to 10 Downing Street where I received my greatest award, the Points of Light Award, which is presented by the Prime Minister once a day to someone who they feel has given back to the community to help others.

Outside of school I am a lover of martial arts such as Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, K1 and MMA. I also partake in lots of sports. At school I enjoy Maths and Sciences. I am very ambitious and want to be wealthy. I am fascinated with the stock market. However, I have always, and will always, want to help others in need. I believe KidsOut is an absolutely amazing charity as they help the most disadvantaged children in the UK. Leading up to Christmas 2023, my brother and I raised over £2000 to buy toys for children living in the refuges they support. I think it is fantastic that the charity also provides the children with the opportunity to have fun days out with their parent, and I am very proud to be an Ambassador for them.

Oakley MacDiarmid

KidsOut Ambassador

About Oakley

Hi, my name is Oakley MacDiarmid and I’m 8 years old. In school I like PE, Art, and Maths. When I am older I want to be a defence barrister because they defend people in court and this really interests me. I like to help others in need because I think it is the right thing to do and it’s what you should do because people that are poor or need help deserve more attention. My greatest achievement is shaving my hair for KidsOut and I raised a lot of money to buy toys for kids out to benefit them and help to change their lives for the better. I think it is important to support charities because I want to make other people’s lives be better than it was before.

How can you help?

By buying a disadvantaged child a fun day out you can help make happy memories that last forever.