National Teddy Bears’ Picnic

National Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day July 10th

Teddy Bears’ Picnic Week July 8th – 14th, 2024

KidsOut has teamed up with the fantastic children’s charity, Bear Force to create a fabulous reason for people to hold their picnic this National Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day, July 10th.

Walking and Talking

With adults and children all across the country enjoying picnics to celebrate National Teddy Bears’ Picnic Week, 8th-14th July , the two charities are asking everyone to use the occasion to walk and talk, and importantly listen to what’s on their children’s minds.

In addition, the event will be used to highlight the thousands of children affected by domestic abuse.

Fun days out for all

As part of National Teddy Bears’ Picnic Week, we are asking everyone to help children affected by domestic abuse, which could include emotional, violent and sometimes sexual abuse, by contributing towards a fun day out for them to look forward to.

The fun days out include a day out at the seaside, visiting a zoo or theme park, cinema and theatre trips. Many of the children we are supporting will have never experienced any of these fun events.

Get involved

It’s a great opportunity to get your own children involved and together choose a fun day out for a child in refuge.

The occasion helps children develop social responsibility and a desire to help others and take action by making a positive difference to the lives of who are not so fortunate.

Holding your picnic

There’s no need to go outside to host your picnic – you can always hold it in your office, your classroom, or even on a blanket on the floor of your home. The important thing is that you have fun and use the occasion to listen to what’s on children’s minds.

If you are a school why not ask everyone to bring in £2 towards taking disadvantaged children out on a Fun Day in return for not having to wear school uniform. Then children could vote on what trips to buy disadvantaged children from our Giving Tree, Fun & Happiness Shop.

Remember, your donations of Fun Days will be allocated to children living locally to you.

How can you help?

By buying a disadvantaged child a fun day out, they can make happy memories that last forever.