Sensory Units

Sensory units use multi-sensory environments to help young children learn and explore creatively

Particularly benefitting children with learning and physical disabilities, each Sensory Unit is a semi-portable sensory learning room that includes coloured lighting, bubble tubes, effects projectors, sound and video projection. By controlling these elements, children engage multiple senses and have more fun learning.

The value of stimulating the senses in an early-learning context is not a new idea. Research in educational psychology shows that children learn best when using several or all of their senses, and this type of learning has even been shown to improve speech and language development, communication skills, memory and comprehension. Learning through multiple senses can also impact children’s behaviour, with teachers noting improvements in emotional stability, participation and creativity.

So far we have funded…


22 Sensory Units

Even children who are typically quiet in the classroom often respond in dramatically different ways during a session in the Sensory Unit; talking, questioning and really engaging in the learning process, with these benefits extending well beyond the session.

Since installing the first Sensory Unit in Whitley Park Infants School in Reading, KidsOut has designed and built 20 across England and Scotland. Each pod is custom made to the host organisation, incorporating common sensory elements. An OFSTED report said that Sensory Unit was such a great learning tool that “every school should have one.” Read about Whitley Park Infants School’s Sensory Pod experience.

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By donating towards a Sensory Unit you can help young children learn and explore creatively.

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