Children get VIP experience at Huddersfield FC Sensory Space

The installation of a sensory space at HFC for the Inclusion room development within the hospitality boxes was finalised in February where families could enjoy the game from behind the glass in a warm safe space, which includes a video projection, sound system, colour wash, a mirrorball effect light, a ripple projection effect, a pattern projector, UV lighting, dice and switches for control of the room, a trolley with bubble wall, fibre optic lightsource, a vibroacoustic body pillow and touchscreen control system.

KidsOut have since received testimonials from families who have been able to benefit from this great resource:

Family 1: HTAFC v Derby

“I am thrilled to have experienced the much-awaited Inclusion Room with my daughter at the game last week.The room itself looked excellent, she had seen the bubbles machine as they have one at school but once she’d been shown how to use it, she had a play and soon got to gripswith things!The range of effects on the lighting and projector were great and created many different atmospheres. Having the two rooms is such a bonus too, it was a warm, welcoming area for them and looked great.Having the choice of being able to watch in the main room, the sensory room and being able to go outside was great. The seats outside were much comfier for her as they are padded so didn’t experience any negative sensory issues there at all!  My daughter felt special and pleased to be invited, we all have great memories of the evening.”

Family 2: HTAFC v Barnsley

“The experience my Grandson and I had in the Terriers Together Inclusion Room was indeed a very positive one and I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to use the area. In particular all the staff I encountered were absolutely brilliant, really welcoming and encouraging, and mostly it’s the people that count, so please pass on my thanks to them. Having so much dedicated space and the opportunity to move between outside, the lights room and the other room (where we played a lot of football!) helped manage with my Grandson’s generally short attention span.He didn’t really know what was going on in the match but he clearly enjoyed the noise and the atmosphere, even if it was useful for him to be able to retreat from it from time to time. He really liked the flip up seats and the steps to jump up and down and run around, which he wouldn’t have been able to do in the main crowd area, which I think means he wouldn’t manage a match in the general area. The push button lights for the bubble wall were also popular. Finally, what is the process going forwards for accessing the facility? I’ve already been asked when he can go again! Overall, it was a brilliant day, and special thanks to the team for winning! Quite an experience for a young boy who has quite a lot to deal with every day and for whom this was really special.”