KidsOut receives 1,500 toy robots from Velcro Companies

The KidsOut team are delighted to have received a generous donation of 1,500 VELCRO® Brand toy robots. An artic lorry full of brand-new Blocks toys was delivered to the KidsOut warehouse on Tuesday 4th August 2020. The toys will be used to support the mental welfare of disadvantaged children through KidsOut’s Toy Box service.

“We are so grateful to have received this fantastic donation from Velcro” said Sandra Doherty, Head of Children’s Services at KidsOut. “The children we support often have very few possessions of their own and these amazing Blocks toys will provide comfort and happiness in difficult times.”

The toy robots will form an essential component in thousands of future Toy Boxes. Launched in 2008, Toy Box delivers a box of brand-new toys and games to children who have been rehoused due to domestic violence. Each Toy Box is both age and gender appropriate, filled with a family game, jigsaw puzzle, craft activity, action figure/doll, books and a cuddly toy. In April 2020 alone, KidsOut delivered a record breaking 5,362 Toy Boxes to children experiencing lockdown measures in refuge.

Recently, Toy Box has been adapted to support children living in refuge during the Covid-19 outbreak. Social distancing measures have compounded the extreme isolation many of these children already face, with most living through this crisis restricted to a single room with their mother and siblings. The toys delivered by KidsOut provide a sense of normality, with each toy box being designed to promote social and educational development along with family bonding. These new possessions help children cope with the trauma they have faced before coming to refuge and go a long way to preserving their long-term mental health. It is hoped that the children will be able to look back at challenging times and remember the fun and happiness they experienced playing games and activities with their mother and siblings.

“We are happy to be able to support KidsOut and contribute to such an important cause,”  hsaid Matt Rowling, representative from Velcro Companies. “The toys will allow children to follow their imagination and build their own futuristic robots, bringing fun and happiness to children at a time when they need it most.”

KidsOut want to thank Velcro Companies for their overwhelming generosity. The team are sure the toy robots will be treasured by thousands of children around the UK for many years to come.