Easter and Eid with KidsOut

During the Easter holidays, KidsOut supported refuges and other disadvantaged groups wishing to host a fun activity for children for Easter and Eid! Many refuges up and down the country used their £5 grant per child to host an Easter egg hunt, or take the children out for an activity of their choice.

KidsOut provided this opportunity to 849 children, and some of the feedback we received truly showed how much fun they had, as well as how important funding for these activities is for developing happy memories and building foundations for better mental health.

‘The children repeatedly asked staff to re-hide the eggs after they had found them’ – Refuge worker

‘The children’s faces lit up when they saw the decorations, many of them had never celebrated Easter in this way before. One child told me they had not received an Easter egg before. Another child told me they felt comfortable and happy here and their sibling told me they saw their mummy smile for the first time in ages today’ – Refuge worker