KidsOut delivers 5,448 Toy Boxes for Christmas.

With help from the Giving Tree 2020 and Rotary Christmas Boxes, we were able to provide every child in the refuge with a Toy Box before Christmas.

With the constant news of the pandemic making it hard for everyone across the UK, KidsOut were thrilled by the staggering number of presents donated.

Along with the rest of the world, our Giving Tree became virtual. We were able to provide an online shop for toy donations, making it safer for supporters to participate. We had 20 items to choose from, and we can guarantee each Toy Box will have two of the top five toys requested by children from a recent survey we conducted.

Our Toy Box service has become the success it is today because of one of our top supporters, FedEx. Our partnership goes back many years and the support they have continued to show us is second to none. They worked incredibly hard and efficient to ensure our initiative was achieved. On behalf of us all at KidsOut, we thank you for making it possible.

We have already received some feedback from the wonderful children, mothers & refuge workers we support:

‘Thank you so much for the kind donations, the children and their mums will be delighted with the range of toys that you have provided. Lots of thought has gone into the choice of gifts and it is much appreciated by the staff at You First. I know there will be so much excitement when the toys are opened on Christmas morning, thank you for doing something so special.’ – Refuge Worker

‘How kind people are to have given us presents. I can’t wait to open them.’ – Child


Our Toy Box services happens 365 days a year and our virtual online shop will remain open indefinitely. If you’d like to support us more in 2021, please head over to https://www.kidsout.org.uk/shop/.